Paul + Rhellie

Paul + Rhellie have a love for each other that is so apparent and beautiful to see… They said their ” I do’s” at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virginia. It was the perfect day for an outdoor wedding ceremony in the gardens surrounded by close family and friends! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Guerra, enjoy this new adventure together!

Their Love Story- written by the bride:

I gazed out at the deep blue water, and listened to the waves rolling gently in and out. Paul held my hand tightly and I felt perfectly at peace. As the sky grew pink and orange; I stared into the distance and thought about how we ended up there.

We had met the old fashioned way…online. Not how I had imagined it as a little girl; that was a knight in shining armor rescuing me from a nameless danger and whisking me away to his castle… Outrageous childhood fantasies aside, Paul and I had met first through our words. Wonderful words detailing our adventures, victories, deepest secrets, and most importantly did he like indian food?

By the time we met, I had a person constructed in my mind; this smart, funny, amazing guy that was so easy to talk to. But, if there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that expectations in our mind rarely match the reality. I was prepared to meet a man who was amazing on paper, but not right for me in person. I’ve never been more wrong.

It was as easy as breathing. It was almost a sigh of relief, a simple thought: “there you are, I finally found you.” Nothing could have prepared me for it, that instant connection. We were on the same page, our words on paper had transformed into a beautiful, living and breathing work of art.

Our masterpiece had only grown in beauty and complexity, achieving nuances I didn’t think possible. I knew I would marry this man, and without a doubt I knew he felt the same. With one another, we were home.

So as I sat on the beach and felt the sand beneath my feet, I thought about all of these things; and all the things to come. Paul had taken me on a blind road trip that had ended on this beach in Presque Isle overlooking the massive expanse of Lake Erie. I had never been there before, and I was amazed how a lake could look so much like the ocean. I listened as he explained why he had brought me there; I had never seen a sunset over the water before, having always lived on the east coast. He told me how everyone thinks sunsets are so special, but they happen everyday; this sunset was truly special because he was experiencing it with me.

He could have left it at that, but that wouldn’t be Paul; he kept talking. He told me that if we did it correctly, we would be able to see the sun set twice. I was skeptical of course, but he told me that as the sun dipped below the water we had to stand up. We watched quietly as the red hot sun sunk beneath the water; I quickly jumped up just in time to see the sun dive beneath the dark waves a second time. A trick of perspective.

I was so mesmerized by the beauty of the colored sky that when I finally turned to Paul to share the moment, I was surprised to find that he wasn’t standing next to me. He had never stood up, instead he was waiting on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand. I was flabbergasted, completely caught off guard, and that was exactly how he wanted it.

“Will you marry me?”; it was never a question, my answer had always been yes.



Venue- Norfolk Botanical Gardens:

DJ- Shane Dollar:

Catering- Gourmet Gang:

Cake-  Kim Gilkerson

Wedding dress- Petit Bonheur Studio

Hair- G. Patton Salon of Norfolk:

Makeup- Noel Rissmiler:


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