Patrick + Megan

Patrick + Megan said their “I do’s” under the old oak trees at the beautiful Litchfield Plantation in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. The day could not be more perfect with amazing weather and family and friends of the bride and groom gathered together from all over the world. It was a celebration that will be remembered!

P + M added their crafting skills and personal touches through out the wedding as well as special gifts for loved ones. During the first dance as husband and wife a flock of geese flew over them in a large V… If thats not a sign of good luck I don’t know what is!

How they met– The first day Megan saw Patrick was about four years ago, when she was following a woman (who she hoped would give her a HR job) into her office. She walked into her interview thinking, “get the job Megan, get the job!” She ended up getting hired for the job, and as fate would have it Patrick was tasked with training Megan. On the first day, she asked Patrick if she could crash his lunch plans. He didn’t seem thrilled, but they left for lunch and ended up talking the entire time…they did that for an entire month.

On Megan’s last day before being transferred to another office, she instant messaged Patrick to ask if he wanted to get drinks at a place she liked to go to for happy hour. Patrick replied that he was having a party at his house. Just as she thought their story was ending, it actually started. Patrick invited her to his party! They went to happy hour and talked for a long time, he started getting calls and text messages from friends wondering where he was. Megan didn’t know this at the time, but the longer they sat at the bar, the later Patrick was for his own party. So, they paid the bill and headed to his party. As they walked into the part of the house she now know as “Al’s Bar”, they were greeted by a group of friendly faces. And as they say, the rest is history.

Congratulations to the newly weds, it was an honor to photograph your wedding!!

I hope you have a wonderful & blessed marriage!


IMG_3252IMG_3940IMG_3966IMG_4028Untitled-7 copyIMG_4105IMG_4066IMG_4138IMG_4246IMG_4669Untitled-2IMG_4420IMG_4507IMG_4662IMG_4580IMG_3453Untitled-4IMG_9865Untitled-5IMG_5311IMG_9946Untitled-6IMG_5584IMG_5601IMG_5764IMG_5672IMG_5650


Venue: Litchfield Plantation //

Florist: Carolina Charm //
Bakery: Pawleys Island Bakery //
Dress: Casablanca Couture
DJ: DJ Wayne Cribb //
Ceremony Musician: Rebecca Nissen (harpist)
Caterer: Creative Catering //
Officiant: Nancy Leeton

Hair & Make-up:





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