Josh + Mary

Josh + Mary’s Wedding day & Love story, written by the bride- It was a day to remember!

Our hike started with dark clouds rolling in and flash flood warnings posted. Our lab, Theo, made the perfect ring barrier, flower boy, best man, and man of honor.
Our officiant, Susan, was 60ish years young and photographer, Ashley, was 6 1/2 months pregnant. With the incline of some parts of the trail, I was worried about It being to much for Susan…although every time I asked if she was ok, she would look at her FitBit and clarify her heart rate was just fine. “Lets keep going!” Ashley was as cute as can be with a sweet little baby bump, white and red pin stripe chucks, dominating the path to the falls. Josh forgot his suspenders and had to run back to the parking lot…just to find out the car also held the rings! We were soaked by time we got five minutes into the trail. About a mile in, the thunder started and I noticed the water started rushing even louder and stronger, not just in the creek next to us, but on the trail itself. Following Ashley, I watched every step, hoping a slippery rock didn’t trip her or Susan just ahead. I just kept thinking, these people are awesome! Ashley had her backpack and held the sign I had made, along with my flowers. Susan had all the important papers and Josh led the pack with Theo, my dress, and his suit extended over his head. A little over a mile and they were all persistent on getting to the falls, although Josh and I called it shortly after that. We stopped against a rock wall that had a fallen tree canopy…I changed into my dress behind the rock and Josh changed into a suit down the trail. It was pouring! Susan so kindly zipped me up before I turned around to see my future husband walking towards me with the biggest smile on his face and his crows feet I love so much ever apparent. Susan said a poem and united us with water dripping off her big black hat that was meant for a sunny day. Our handwritten vows were so soaked we couldn’t open them to read. But that look…The look Josh gave me the whole time we stood face to face, it made all the craziness stop, stopped time even. It was just him and I. Soon to be Husband and Wife. He never stopped looking at me with this look so intense as we both tried so hard to remember all the “I love you’s and promises” we had in our personal vows. I ended mine with an ACDC quote “ let me put my love into you babe, let me put my love on the line, let me give it all to you babe” Susan continued and we both said “I Do” as rain dripped off our nose and he slid the ring on my finger, I couldn’t believe it…It was the first time I ever saw my ring and it was gorgeous! The sun came out almost simultaneously as we kissed. There were clear skies the whole hike back to enjoy photos along the way. Packing up the car, we left as husband and wife. Down a backroad that lead to Mountain Shepard, we showed up to the cabin. Checking in with full wedding attire, wet and muddy.
It was beautiful.
Forever imperfectly perfect.
Thank you to all our friends and family that have allowed us soak this moment in this past week. I know it was a shock to you all that night on FaceTime or in receiving our video after the wedding, but the love and support we have felt this last week has been cherished. To many others, announcements should have arrived from our home to yours. April 30th we decided to strip back all of what you’re “expected” to do and instead just committed ourselves to each other and plan our wedding together 13 days later. Keeping it secret for those two weeks was challenging although the most intimate, romantic, loving feelings we have ever felt. A day didn’t go by we didn’t reflect on our amazing families and friends and how this would bring them together. We really are lucky to have you all in our lives. We are also happy to announce our official engagement and wedding as Mr. & Mrs. Larkin.




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