Christian + Brooke

Christian + Brooke originally met in the nursery at church. Their friendship grew through the teen years. On March 10, 2007, Christian asked Brooke to be his girlfriend. Eventually they even attended college together. Over the years, their friendship developed into a strong love for one another.

In June of 2015 Christian was offered a job in Michigan as a youth pastor. After preparing all week for his going away party, Christian asked Brooke out for a date night. She was in charge of picking up the Chinese food and bringing it to his grandparents. Due to the wonderful change in the weather (down pour of rain) they decided to take the food to the park, where there was a pavilion. They ate a lovely dinner and opened the fortune cookies. Christian opened his and handed it to Brooke saying, “This is meant for you.” The fortune read, “Accept the next proposal that you hear.”

He later showed showed her the beautiful table he had set up. It was complete with china, linens, crystal glass, and flowers. However, due to the weather they were not able to enjoy the Chinese at the wonderful setting. Christian then took her on a trip through the woods, but he made Brooke keep her head down and eyes closed. When she was allowed to look up there was a sign saying Mappy (Marry) Me and he was down on a bended knee.

And of course she said YES!

They were married at Faith Church in Hopewell, Virginia. This church was very special to the bride because her great grandfather helped build the church. This was also the place Christian & Brooke met all those years ago.

The reception was at the beautiful Union Train Station in Petersburg, Virginia. The colors were inspired by peacock feathers which gave some stunning colors! The details of black and white baby pictures added to the center pieces added a personal touch to the reception. It was a day to remember!! Congratulations Christian & Brooke, may God bless you both with a lifetime of happiness together!




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