Gabe + Gina

Gabe and Gina met on the editorial desk of a small newspaper after two papers merged. Gabe made sure he sat next to Gina in the new office, moving his nameplate next to hers. Gina made sure she was the one to orient Gabe to his new job. The more they talked, the more they knew, something special was happening. They became great friends quickly, but the friendship was filled with flirtation, including impressing one another with a different daily desk Lego scene.

Neither was satisfied with the newspaper and both decided to pursue different careers. Gina was accepted into nursing school and Gabe was accepted into an engineering program two thousand miles away. Gina finally got up the nerve to ask Gabe to brunch at her favorite place. He said yes and the brunch turned into a movie and a movie turned into deep conversation. Later that evening, Gabe reluctantly told Gina the reason she drove was because his Jeep was packed and he planned to leave for Rhode Island the next day. It was a painful goodbye, but they were both optimistic and each left the date telling their friends that this was the one!

They continued to text and talk, sometimes staying up all night, getting to know one another even more. And they found themselves growing closer together despite being further apart. Gabe came back that Christmas and they knew that neither of them wanted to spend their lives with anyone else. The relationship continued long distance — Gabe in Rhode Island, and Gina in Arkansas — with holidays spent together. In July 2012, Gabe proposed with two dozen messages in bottles strewn across the sandy beach in Rhode Island. The easiest answer of Gina’s life was, “Yes!”

Gina and Gabe were married in an intimate ceremony on the very spot where Gabe proposed, under the arbor he handcrafted. The wedding was full of sentimental touches, from the centerpieces featuring the proposal messages in bottles, to the driftwood place cards collected by the couple and hand painted by the bride. The bride and her maids of honor constructed the bouquets the night before the wedding. The reception was held in an open field behind their country home. Their closest friends and family danced and dined under romantic bistro lights late into the night.




4 thoughts on “Gabe + Gina

  1. Oh, Ashley! These are just incredible. Thank you a million times over. I will cherish these forever! You were one of the best decisions for our wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God blesses your artful eye, and now God blessed us with these memories.

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