Andrey + Arika

Arika was born and raised across the United States, but she still calls Boston and D.C. home! She graduated from Yorktown High School in 2009 and will graduate from The Ohio State University this May. She has an addiction to coffee and is crazy intense about her sports teams, but nothing is better than books to her.

Andrey grew up in California after immigrating there with his family from Russia. He is the oldest of 5 brothers. Andrey graduated Clovis West High School in 2006. He went on to get a degree in diesel technology. Andrey is currently working for Cummins in the state of Ohio.

Andrey and Arika met in August 2011 while working at Starbucks together. Andrey proposed in December of 2013, They got married at Arikas mom and step-dads home in North Carolina.

It was a beautiful day to photograph and I loved capturing all the love!
IMG_3455 IMG_3813

IMG_3993 IMG_4020IMG_9162IMG_4141IMG_4432IMG_9200IMG_9752IMG_9563aantitled-8IMG_0168IMG_9876
IMG_0348 IMG_9888IMG_0356


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