Ashish + Christina

The Love Story: Ten years ago they met, in March of 2004. This was during their high school years and they remember everything as if it happened just yesterday. They would sneak out from parents home to meet up and spend the afternoon walking around town. Both of them loved walking in the rain. During one of those long walks, Ashish gave Christina a promise ring that he would always be there for her, which she still wears to this day. They both knew they wanted to be with each other ever since. Their fate took them to US to pursue their educational goals. Not knowing how the distance would affect their relationship, one of them went to Colorado and other to West Virginia. Over the 10 years they were together, they went through 5 years of long distance and 5 blissful years of togetherness. Distance made them stronger and closer, realizing how much they wanted to be together. Ashish determined to keep his promise for life, he proposed to Christina on top of a gondola in August 2014. Ashish and Christina had a Hindu wedding, which is called vivaha (Sanskrit: विवाह) It was a fun and colorful night with singing, dancing, and laughter. The celebration was taken place in Charlottesville, VA at a wedding venue called The Space. Untitled-10 Untitled-01 Untitled-11 IMG_2142 (2)IMG_2001 IMG_2213 Untitled-9Untitled-54Untitled-24hhrgss IMG_3301 Untitled-102IMG_2416 Untitled-072IMG_3846 Untitled-91IMG_3794Untitled-121IMG_3720Untitled-101


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