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Hello there you adventurous Bride!

Whether you are debating a destination wedding for your big day or just want a small elopement/honeymoon this info should help with your decision! Destination weddings are very prevalent and becoming more popular. Every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the United States. Last year 16 percent of weddings were destination weddings thats a total of 384,000 weddings a year!! The destination wedding market accounts for $16 billion in annual spending.
Average budget for a destination wedding is $28,000. I apologize for all the numbers but thats a lot of money spent on the “I do’s” to clarify thats 18 billion with a B!!!!


Lets talk about traveling– A boat, plane, train, taken on the way to your destination can be made into a romantic journey. Getting there is half the fun right? relax and enjoy the ride! A plus to destination weddings is that you get best of both worlds…the wedding and honeymoon in one place! Less money spent on travel! It also allows for a more intimate guest list of people who are willing to travel to your wedding. The average amount of guest that attend a destination wedding is 48 guests. Since the wedding industry is so HUGE there is a plethora of coordinators in these destination locations who can meet the demands of these weddings away from home, resorts and cruise ships are now providing wedding coordinators to take care of the details for you, having this extra help will make the process much simpler and stress-free. According to The Association of Bridal Consultants, the average total cost for a wedding consultant is $3,262, as the National average. Remember 9 out of 10 couples say the weather is a key factor in selecting a destination. Don’t forget that it is the rainy season from June to September in many Caribbean and Central American destinations. Make sure your okay with a chance of rain literally, some of those rains lead to flash flooding, heavy winds, and other elements that can ruin your wedding. Do your research and make sure you pick a good time of the year to pick your day, although for brides on a tight budget sometimes picking a off season wedding time to make your wedding happen can seriously save you on some big bucks!


The most popular destination locations-

The leading destinations for out-of-town weddings are:
Las Vegas (125,000)
Hawaii (20,000)
U.S. Virgin Islands (5,100)
Jamaica (5,000)
Bahamas (4,000)

Picking a Wedding Photographer-

Ladies, check to make sure you can hire a wedding photographer that lives out of town or out of the country from your destination hot spot! Although it may be some extra calls and Skype meetings its more important to find a photographer you “click” with. Make sure you communicate your vision with your photographer. Dont forget about the details such as passports and permits for photographers to shoot in your location as well as use of flash photography. Some places require your photographer to have a permit while others are more relaxed. There may be a hidden permit fee to hire out your own photographer. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask your wedding coordinator about policies for hiring outside vendors (photographers, videographers, decorators, etc.) before you pay a retainer or sign a contract.FEB36B52D2E144FBA587D325CF5551B9.ashx

If you are getting a venue package that includes a photographer you are not excited about, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE… Let the coordinator know you are finding your own photographer. Weather the photographer has a delightful portfolio or not if you don’t mesh well with the photographer its not something you want to have on your wedding day. Brides! You are with the photographer the ENTIRE DAY.. make sure you pick someone who will make you smile and laugh and make your day LESS stressful! This person is going to be following you the entire day.. pick someone you are comfortable with. One of the best things about a destination wedding is that you’re in a location that’s vastly different from home. Consider booking time with your photographer to visit sites away from the resort so you get lots of variations in scenic spots.

When venue shopping ask a previous bride what she thought of the location and venue accommodations. Ask a lot of questions and make sure you are happy with the whole package! This is your day! Weather you fly to Vegas for the nuptials or go to a private resort off the beach to take that leap…

Dont stress about being away from where your wedding location will be.. count down the days and have fun! Make some amazing memories and enjoy every second of it! Thank you for reading my blog. ( :

I wish you a wonderful wedding and marriage!

-Ashley Vanley


Photo credit: the knot,, Aljosa Videtic


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