Destination Wedding Photography

Hello to all my international Brides,

The wonderful benefit of hiring an international traveling photographer is you get something different and unique. Priceless images to show your friends and family.

I LOVE new cultures, people, and travel. I would enjoy traveling to your wedding to be able to capture your world and your style.



I have traveled or lived in these places-

– Australia – Egypt – South Africa  -Puerto Rico
– Thailand – Korea – Fiji   -Aruba  -Mexico -Caribbean

Tips for hiring or searching for a photographer

The differences between a pro and an amateur photographer are… I will flatter the bride and bring beauty out of what I see. An amateur photographer takes tons of photos and hopes a few will turn out nice. 

I also have experience in travel, international customs, and flying. This is something you need to make sure of when on the look out for an international destination photographer. Passports, Visas, culture changes are all things your photographer should be aware of when traveling for your big day.


When you are searching for a wedding photographer, make sure the photographer includes the copyrights into they’re package. Some photographers charge less up front but then charge you hundreds extra for prints or copyrights. Keep in mind another trick they might pull is give you copyrights but only give you copyrights for 5 X 7 images for example. This will make you pay more to have an enlarged or canvas print. I include all copyrights for all sizes of images.

Brides, if you feel more comfortable with females-hire a female. If you feel more comfortable with a man- hire a man as your photographer. You want to be comfortable and get along with your photographer. You are with that person the entire day and need to brain storm and communicate clearly to achieve your goals for your wedding day. Have a vision and discuss it with your photographer.

The main places I am advertising & traveling to for weddings only. These places are top travel destination locations.

– Spain – Greece – London – Paris – Hong Kong

– New Zealand – Australia – Tokyo – Brazil  – Turkey


IMG_9815 I can travel to other locations as well.
I love having fun and making the bride feel at ease on her big day! Not only do I want to give the bride the best gift I can give her, the gift of capturing her wedding day. I also want to build relationship and love on the bride! I have had the privilege to photograph dozens of weddings and I continue to learn and build my art.


My prices are very reasonable for my experience, equipment, and quality. I want to make a price for you that fits your day and needs. I will need advance for travel plans to the country you will be celebrating your day!

All weddings I photograph include the copyrights to all photos in all sizes, high-resolution images. I adjust to you and your location in the world. I am always respectful of cultures and people. I would love to talk more about your big day! email for a international quote for 2014 or 2015.

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