Vinny + Jessica

MARCH 15. 2014

A beautiful sunny day in March, sunset colors filled the airy venue with flowers & umbrellas. It was a perfect whether to explore the Outer Banks and Pirates Cove Marina. A perfect day to see two people in love, committed to each other for life. Vinny & Jessica said “I do” before sunset and a huge full moon lit up the sky during the reception. This was the first wedding I photographed in North Carolina, I hope you enjoy these photographs, I think they really captured the day as well as the love that was in the air!

Things I enjoyed about Vinny & Jessica’s wedding day.

1. The bride walked down the aisle with her mom, who also happens to be her best friend.

(I loved seeing the mother daughter love they shared.)

2. Family style eating and close seating to enjoy each others company during the reception.

3. The fun games for guests and children!

4. Ombre colored cake, fun and artsy textured frosting.

5. Venue! I loved the layout of the reception and location!

6. Upside down umbrellas were fun and creative.

Congratulations to J+V

Blog-3 aisleblog5 IMG_0205 AV2one-1 IMG_2394 IMG_2345 IMG_2524 IMG_2429 IMG_2384 IMG_2406 (1) IMG_2486 Ablog-1 AVCake-1 ABlog-2 IMG_2833


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