The Eyes of Africa

I dont know where to start, I had one of the best times of my life in South Africa. I did miss home & America in general.. especially the hot showers… But I never felt so blessed with praying for people. Our mission team drove for a month up the coast of South Africa. Talk about switching beds!  I worked at a children’s hospital, a hospital where they run out of oxygen! People walk all day to get their aids medication! I worked with special needs kids in the townships and walked around asking God to lead us to people to help or pray for. We met so many people and God healed people with our prayers! I never saw beauty until I was in Africa. I grew closer to God and was more thankful then ever. I was going to travel for 2 years with a photography group called track.. But I felt God was calling me home. I hope you feel some of Gods love for the people of Africa when you look at the photos of the people and looking into there eyes says it all. The beauty of Africa can’t be captured with a photo but I tried! I recommend everyone to travel to Africa someday!


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