Gabe + Gina


Gabe and Gina met on the editorial desk of a small newspaper after two papers merged. Gabe made sure he sat next to Gina in the new office, moving his nameplate next to hers. Gina made sure she was the … Continue reading

Andrey + Arika

Arika was born and raised across the United States, but she still calls Boston and D.C. home! She graduated from Yorktown High School in 2009 and will graduate from The Ohio State University this May. She has an addiction to coffee and is crazy intense about her sports teams, but nothing is better than books to her.

Andrey grew up in California after immigrating there with his family from Russia. He is the oldest of 5 brothers. Andrey graduated Clovis West High School in 2006. He went on to get a degree in diesel technology. Andrey is currently working for Cummins in the state of Ohio.

Andrey and Arika met in August 2011 while working at Starbucks together. Andrey proposed in December of 2013, They got married at Arikas mom and step-dads home in North Carolina.

It was a beautiful day to photograph and I loved capturing all the love!
IMG_3455 IMG_3813

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J+B // Surprise Proposal

Josh + Brandi met on a sitcom studio set in Nashville TN in 2012, he was a camera operator and she was a minor actor. Even though she lived in a small town in Kentucky and he lived in Tennessee, they fell in love and carried on a long distance relationship until moving back to Virginia. They were each other’s first (and now last!) relationship. They now live four hours from Virginia Beach however they’re favorite place to be is on a day-vacation there, so Josh made sure the surprise proposal was there! Tears were present in this couples eyes, as they entered the next chapter of their lives together!! Congratulations J+B!!

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Jonathan & Stephanie

It was the perfect day for a Seattle Wedding, March 21st. The sun was shining and these two love birds
said  “I do” with anticipation. They were married by the grooms father in their home church.
The Kubota Botanical Gardens was a great place to get some photos of Jonathan and Stephanie alone for the first time as husband and wife. They were all smiles, telling stories and laughing with each other the entire time! The reception was unique with fun games and an outdoor garter and bouquet toss.  Their love for each other was very apparent and beautiful, I was honored to capture their beautiful day in Seattle Washington!
IMG_5918 (1)IMG_5930 (1)
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TJSewer Collection

This weekend I had the honor of collaborating with the lovely TJSewer. Her hand made skirts are bright and beautiful for every occasion, she also has a bridal line as well. The photoshoot was taken place in Virginia Beach. I want to thank the beautiful models: Jessica & Monique for modeling the skirts for us. TJSewer’s new collection coming in April!

www.tjsewer.comIMG_8472 IMG_8746 IMG_8532 IMG_8814 IMG_8681 IMG_8895 IMG_8397










Jacob + Danielle

J&D engagement shoot on a February day, at The Agecroft Hall in Richmond Virginia. It was a cold outside, but the sun was shining and love was in the air! This lovely couple met at church and their friendship blossomed quickly into love. They are getting married in April of this year, family and friends will travel to Utah for the celebration! Congratulations Jacob & Danielle, wish you the best! IMG_4823Untitled-2 IMG_4898IMG_4863IMG_5154Untitled-1 IMG_4925Untitled-3IMG_5092Untitled-5IMG_5539IMG_5488 IMG_5570AUntitled-4IMG_5146IMG_5669

Ashish + Christina

The Love Story: Ten years ago they met, in March of 2004. This was during their high school years and they remember everything as if it happened just yesterday. They would sneak out from parents home to meet up and spend the afternoon walking around town. Both of them loved walking in the rain. During one of those long walks, Ashish gave Christina a promise ring that he would always be there for her, which she still wears to this day. They both knew they wanted to be with each other ever since. Their fate took them to US to pursue their educational goals. Not knowing how the distance would affect their relationship, one of them went to Colorado and other to West Virginia. Over the 10 years they were together, they went through 5 years of long distance and 5 blissful years of togetherness. Distance made them stronger and closer, realizing how much they wanted to be together. Ashish determined to keep his promise for life, he proposed to Christina on top of a gondola in August 2014. Ashish and Christina had a Hindu wedding, which is called vivaha (Sanskrit: विवाह) It was a fun and colorful night with singing, dancing, and laughter. The celebration was taken place in Charlottesville, VA at a wedding venue called The Space. Untitled-10 Untitled-01 Untitled-11 IMG_2142 (2)IMG_2001 IMG_2213 Untitled-9Untitled-54Untitled-24hhrgss IMG_3301 Untitled-102IMG_2416 Untitled-072IMG_3846 Untitled-91IMG_3794Untitled-121IMG_3720Untitled-101

Ricky + Agastina

Engagement shoot – Ricky + Agastina

          It was love at first site… For Him! She had a no interest, but he knew instantly that he was going to marry her one day. In fact, he told everyone he knew that she would be his wife! With Ricky’s charm and by Agastina’s surprise, they were dating just a year later!

           Two years of dating was quite the journey with two different cultures colliding, but in Gods timing, everything worked out perfectly! After asking Mr. Alongi’s permission, Ricky proposed to Agastina on December 24th 2015. The couple plans to have a winter wedding in Michigan where Agastina is from on December 31, 2015.




























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Adventurous Brides Tips and Tricks

Adventurous Brides Tips and Tricks

Hello there you adventurous Bride! Whether you are debating a destination wedding for your big day or just want a small elopement/honeymoon this info should help with your decision! Destination weddings are very prevalent and becoming more popular. Every year an average … Continue reading

Twins for Christmas!

Christmas came early for Aaron & Ashlie!! They had a beautiful wedding in Richmond, Virginia I loved capturing their love. It was exciting when they recently announced that they were pregnant!! Not only one heart was beating during the ultrasound! They are pregnant with twins! We met in Williamsburg Colonial town to photograph this exciting news! Santa hats and bows to show the Christmas season and two bows on Ashlie’s belly to introduce these two chocolate drops are growing in her belly! We are excited to photograph the sexes of the babies soon! Merry Christmas everyone!

AUntitled-31AVIMG_0221AVIMG_0254AVIMG_0312 AVIMG_0375 AVIMG_0383 AVIMG_0392 AVUntitled-15 AVUntitled-2 AVUntitled-13