Kaly// Model


The Wright Model Agency, kindly shared their beautiful model Kaly with us! We took some photographs of the new spring outfits.

Apricot Lane Hampton- the fashion boutique I work for sells a variety of clothing and styles. We frequently update our clothing and products

all of our outfits and brands come from LA. We love the bright spring colors in our pieces!

Here are some shots of our last model, she’s a stunning beauty! Thank you Gabby for your help!


IMG_4996 IMG_4855 (1)



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Josh + Amanda

Josh + Amanda// Orange, Virginia

The event was at a white french country house, towering on a hill in beautiful Orange, Virginia.

Unexpected rain was an obstical, but umbrellas became a nice prop for the day!
The award Winning Venue, Chestnut Hill Bed & Breakfast was a highlight of the day. the newly wed couple and

their 5 month old son Luke posed for some photos, after the intimate ceremony in a white tent.
The vintage details and red shades made the day unique.

We enjoyed photographing the lovely couple as well as capturing the love and family coming together to celebrate!









AVIMG_4508 AVIMG_4398

Vinny + Jessica

MARCH 15. 2014

A beautiful sunny day in March, sunset colors filled the airy venue with flowers & umbrellas. It was a perfect whether to explore the Outer Banks and Pirates Cove Marina. A perfect day to see two people in love, committed to each other for life. Vinny & Jessica said “I do” before sunset and a huge full moon lit up the sky during the reception. This was the first wedding I photographed in North Carolina, I hope you enjoy these photographs, I think they really captured the day as well as the love that was in the air!

Things I enjoyed about Vinny & Jessica’s wedding day.

1. The bride walked down the aisle with her mom, who also happens to be her best friend.

(I loved seeing the mother daughter love they shared.)

2. Family style eating and close seating to enjoy each others company during the reception.

3. The fun games for guests and children!

4. Ombre colored cake, fun and artsy textured frosting.

5. Venue! I loved the layout of the reception and location!

6. Upside down umbrellas were fun and creative.

Congratulations to J+V

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{Spring Colors} Wedding Inspiration


I Love this Spring color pallet- yellows, orange,  & reds. Perfect for a clean Spring pop of colors! The ombre shades of the cake gave it a very artistic fun feel. The cake was later topped with daisies and a verity of  fresh flowers. Fun thoughts for Brides wedding planning!

(This photo was taken at a wedding shot at a reception in North Carolina.)


Jacob + Jen

AVUntitled-4Jacob + Jen – Engagement

//An engagement photo shoot in Virginia Beach. We had fun finding places around the couples lovely church and garden.

J & J will be celebrating there marriage in New York with friends and family!

The couple wanted some family photos with their too dogs, Freddy & Levi. Although it was hard to get their attention for photos they were good models for us!

I love meeting new couples, Thank you Jacob and Jen for using my services! -God bless.


Friends & Family Shoot

 girlfriends in white//

A goodbye photoshoot for their friend moving to Washington. 

We did a beach shoot in Norfolk, VA in all white! Ebonie’s son was a cutie and great in front of the camera. 

Here are some photos of the shoot-

AVUntitled-21 AVUntitled-22

Andrew + Ashley

Congratulations to Andrew & Ashley

and their big day on


 Valentines day!! The bride & groom were more than helpful and caring to us and we LOVED to meet them, and shoot this day for them! We were truly honored and thankful to be a part of something so special!

The Knot featured venue was absolutley beautiful with a stunning view.

Off the water in the Sunset room ,Wolfgang Puck- Washington D.C./Maryland

-Special thanks to my husband for being a second shooter during this wedding. 










AV_MG_9304 AVUntitled-1


Valentines Day Shoot!!

Apricot Lane Hampton Shoot in Virginia. Valentines day is coming up! New dresses and more style ideas follow Apricot Lane Hampton on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Valentines day from the girls! xoxo.


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